August 16, 2017

Orange Caramel Custard | How to make Orange Caramel Custard | Flan de Naranja | Flan Recipes | Latin American Desserts

Caramel Custard is one of the popular South American (Latin american) dessert which is originally came from Spain. It is a simple baked dessert with very few ingredients and quite visible in many of the restaurants at my place.Eggs are the main ingredient in this custard making and can bake various versions like using bananas,coffee,chocolate,coconut or vanilla bean..Depending on the flavour which we use the taste of the flan results the same.
Coming to this flan, it is completely filled with strong orange flavor where I have used pure , fresh orange juice.Though baking time is little bit long,have to be patience for the best dessert..Apart of the Indian sweets,this custard stands in the first place in my favorite desserts list.Till now I have never failed in this custard baking recipes so would like to try many more with the positive results encouragement.😛 If you love baking give a try to this and let me know how it came to you.

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Fresh Orange juice- 1 cup
3 % fat Cow Milk-1 cup
Condensed milk- 1 cup
Eggs-4 (but I used 3 big size eggs)
Corn flour -1 table spoon
Caramel Sauce-Store bought (quantity is depending on tin size)
In a juice mixer or blender take orange juice,milk,condensed milk,eggs,corn flour and blend for a minute until every thing mxi well. 
Now take baking round pan or bundt cake tin . To this add caramel sauce which is a base ,spread it evenly.
Now pour the blended mixture and tap tin to avoid air bubbles inside.Now take another baking pan which should be bigger than the custard baking pan..
In that,fill water up to 3/4 th and place this custard mixture pan.Preheat oven at 200 degree C. After 5 minutes place this carefully and bake for an hour.
Check out after 50 minutes with a tooth pick,if it comes out clean flan/custard is ready other wise bake for 10-15 more minutes.
After checking out when the flan is ready,turn off the oven and keep it in teh room temperature.After 10-15 minutes,using knife loose the edges carefully and flip the flan by keeping a plate on top of the baked pan.
Take a bigger size plate to get the complete flan with caramel sauce..Slice it and serve. You can add on top orange sauce for extra flavor but I prefer without that..

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