November 11, 2017

Number 6 Birthday Cake | How to make 6 Number Birthday Cake | Mahadhip 6th Birthday Cake | 6 Number Cake With Step by Step Pictures | Mahaslovelyhome 6th Birthday

With the title of the recipe you can understand that this is a special recipe in Mahaslovelyhome. On August 4th my little son Mahadhip completed 6 years and successfully stepped into 7th year..Usually we present a  gift along with birthday cake..But this year,I thought to celebrate it in different way.sengihnampakgigi So,one month before I started planning for both of my boys birtdhays.. This year isntead of one-two gifts,I bought many of his favorite toys,packed with gift papers,arranged all in a box and gifted it as a surprise.menari
Like we couple expected,he was shocked after watching the box and excited till opening the last box.Even with the cake surprise also he was quite happy and enjoyed the evening..celebrateFor my brasilian boy,I took Brazil Chocolate cake recipe for this cake and chocolate butter cream recipe for decorating..I have already posted these two recipes in blog,so giving those two recipes links here instead of writing again..senyumI thought this step wise pictures may helps those who are interested to make 6 number cake.That`s why posting it in blog though pictures are so many..tepuktangan

Always for best Chocolate Cake,use good quality of cocoa,right amount of sugar,fresh eggs and mix batter gently,but not too much..Here is the Brasil chocolate cake recipe and chocolate butter cream. Click on links for the recipe details.Actually,I doubled the original recipe so,don`t get confuse.please.
You can even take this Brasil chocolate pound cake recipe which also works out very well..

Actually,I need to post this in August but some how missed it..Not only this,even many of the recipes are in draft,though they have all the step wise pictures never comes time to post..I have been trying to post this from last 2 months,but other recipes took place every time.One more thing is,on this November 5th Mahaslovelyhome also celebrating 6th birthday so to celebrate these two occassions I thought to post it this week.Last week, I was sick so again one week late in publishing this wonderful post😛..O.k..O.k....Let`s give a break here!!! Let`s check out the pictures and birthday fun.

💗Mahadev and Mahadhip💗

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