July 7, 2014

Indian mango sweet lassi with cardamom and fennel seeds flavor/easy summer drinks/lassi recipes/Easy mango drinks recipes

Iam a mango devotee.Yes.Loves mangoes madly,deeply,badly.Even though mangoes makes harm to my hot body,can`t say no to lovely juicy mangoes..If i ate mangoes too many can see the big pimples on my face which looks like a foot ball..
Few days back I posted mango milk shake,on the same day I also tried this luscious lassi which is a very popular drink in all over the india.Lassi is an popular butter milk based drink which can also have salted and savoury versions.Along with salted butter milk lassi,mango lassi is very popualr in whole world wide.On hot sunny days,it is one of the natural drink to quench one`s thirst with a big tall chilled glass.

ripe mango-1(big)
sugar-to taste
cardamom powder-1 tsp
fennel seeds- 1 tsp
water-1/4 cup (optional)

blend all together and serve chilled.
           if you want add ice cubes before serving....

What is your favorite fruit....

Happy cooking..Happy blogging..

Try this and enjoy each sip..

Have a Good Day


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