March 9, 2012


I started recently cooking karela/ bitter gourdxpasti.amma makes with this mostly fry n pulusu which tastes superb.Soon will share those recipes but now sharing a simple recipe which is included with rice.Rice with bitter gourd combination may sounds weird but actually it`s a healthy yet tasty rice.
It`s perfect for lunch and those kids who loves bitter gourd may likes thsi version rice too.Here is the recipe with full notes.try it and enjoy..kenyit

cooked rice-2 cups
bitter gourd-1 big
chopped capsicum-1/2 cup
chopped garlic-3
soya sauce-1 tsp
green chilli paste-1 tsp
salt-to taste
oil-2 tbsp
pepper powder-to taste

chop the bitter gourd into slices..heat a kadai with 1tsp of oil and fry the slices til it get 3/4th add 1tsp of oil again and fry the garlic.........add in carrots and capsicum and fry them add in fries slices of karela...... add in salt and sauce add in cooked rice and mix all together well..serve hot ......


  1. Innovative recipe. Love all delights with karela.

    Hamsamalini Chandrasekaran,

  2. Wow! never heard about this rice with karela,that's simply amazing.

  3. I so want to taste that bitter gourd, I wish all foods could be found everywhere. That would be an amazing thing. In the meantime, I will just admire this dish with its wonderful elements. Have a great weekend!

  4. maha..thank you for visiting my blog, and for the lovely compliments. I love your recipes, so I have joined your blog! Patsy

  5. Thanks for dropping by! You have a lovely blog.

    Karela rice looks so delicious. Nice dish.

  6. i;ve never put karela in rice.. let alone eat as is.. sounds interesting!

  7. i am not really a fan of karela...........but my hubby is..will try this out for him:)

  8. Bitter gourd is very good for health we have it in different ways but truly maha.... I never thought of adding it to fried rice .....great idea and thanks for sharing dear!

  9. Very new to me but sounds good.Will try it soon

  10. Nice recipe; I love karela! I am now following you, btw :)

  11. Karela with rice!! never thought of combining both..very innovative idea dear..loved it..will try some time.

  12. I love karela, but unfortunately no one in my family does :(..will have to try this for my own enjoyment :)

  13. Never thought about a fried rice with kakarakaya very interesting Maha will try this for sure..

  14. This is very interesting. I love bitter gourd..will try them..Thanks for visiting my blog!

  15. Of all the things I imagine cooking, i would have never thought of Karela!! so innovative. will try this soon.

  16. karela fried rice!.. very interesting... never heard of this wonderful combo... but will surely try this..


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