June 14, 2014

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Hi....Happy weekend friends....By the way what are the plans of you all  on this weekend?? what about baking a cake??That too a healthy cake which is folded with wheat flour,honey,bananas and without butter and sugar..Is n`t that sounds interesting??? It was a 1 month old recipe which is in draft and every time Iam lazy to update the notes part...But,Today finally ,posting for you all..;) 

 Iam not  a big fan of dulce de leche,even no body likes it madly in home....But a bottle was lied down in cup board  from a long time which we got in a christmas  gift box...To use it up,searched for recipes and got baking+ ice cream links....There was no enough space in fridge to keep an ice cream box and the cool weather also diverted me to bake a cake..To make me more happy,bananas also ripen and by combining those two prepared a very delicious cake....The combination of this two is extremely good and honey in the recipe brings the more taste to the cake..It is also folded with eggs,so vegans please excuse,and those who don`t mind eggs,can enjoy more because this is butter less too..You can even prepare a home made dulce de leche at home with google help,but I never tried til now.last but not least enjoying this kind of heavenly tasted cakes is a not a big complication for food lovers..Just try this once next time when ur hands blessed with bananas and dulce de leche...:)


It is a creamy  milk spread like jam,sweet in taste,but not too sugary..

There are so many stories of dulce de leche.Many Argentines claim they invented the spread and link its beginnings to the 19th century argentinean caudillo juan manuel de rosas.

The story goes that in a winter afternoon at the rosas house,the maid was making some lechada.A drink with milk and sugar boiled until it starts to caraemelize and she heard some one knocking at the door.She left the lechada on the stove and went to answer the door,,when she came back,lechada was burnt and had turned into a brown jam.That is dulce de leche...

It is an ideal source of nourishment for kids,teenagers and adults alike because it is packed with proteins and provides energy.It is also a healthy alternative spread to peanut butter for parents of children with nut allergies.


Wheat flour-2 cups
banana puree-1 cup
dulce de leche-1/2 cup
oil-1 tbsp
honey-1/2 cup
yogurt-1/2 cup
vanilla essence-1 tsp
baking powder-1 tsp
baking soda-1 tsp

Take honey,oil,yogurt,vanilla in a bowl..to this add banana puree and eggs..

Mix well and add wheat flour,baking soda and baking powder...

Then add dulce de leche and mix well..Apply oil to tin or glass bowl and sprinkle some extra flour too..

Preheat oven at 190 degree C.After 5 minutes place tin in oven and bake for 30 minutes minimum.Check with tooth pick by inserting into cake.If it comes out clean cake is done.Other wise bake for 5-10 minutes more...

Once done remove tin/glass bowl..After few minutes flip cake on wire rack and 10 minutes later slice and serve.


Oven timings are vary to each oven...Tooth pick testing is the best option to know the cake condition.

From top second pic is where i added it in cake batter..

Measurements are exact and feel free to try out..

I was not in mood to click that day and skipped clicking the slices of cake..

I used pure and fresh honey and you can replace with white sugar..

Can increase dulce de leche upto 3/4 th cup,but it will be too sweet in taste..

This is the prefect and best cake for kids lunch box/snacks box.also,for health conscious persons.


  1. this cake sounds really delicious... would have loved to see how it looks sliced...

  2. I'll try this. I live in Argentina where bananas covered in dulce the leche are a flavor staple. Sounds great!

  3. beautiful cake ,loved the color :)

  4. delicious cake...sounds interesting..nice preparation.

  5. Delicious banana cake, looks so yum..

  6. I love DDL, its like nutella for me, i can have it anytime.. This cake looks very beautiful and can guess how addictive .


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