July 12, 2014

Easy tasty apple milk shake/Apple milk shake with ice cream/Birthday pictures of MLH writer/Every birthday may not the best

 It is a simple apple shake goes which blended with a big scoop of chilled ice cream..Milk shakes and smootheis are every ones favorite and this kind drinks work outs well in break fast times.Milk shakes gives a refreshing and energetic feeling more than the solid or sweet foods.If you are planing for a diet,start your day with this kind milk shakes for healthy and active feeling..Instead of tempting to junk foods or gluten foods this types of cold drinks may helps to retain the weight and keeps tummy  always brimful..You can replace apple with mango,pear,peach,banana,avocado,cantaloupe,guava or any other fruits which you like.


A group of scientists have discovered that red apple juice is in fact a natural medicine against Alzheimer’s disease

Red apple has significantly cardiovascular benefit Instead of drinking coffee every morning, eat a red apple. It has the same effect on your brain as coffee, without a single mg of caffeine. I recommend it to all the caffeine addicted out there.

If you have always wanted very white teeth, then you should consider eating red apples. Because just brushing and flossing the teeth won’t be enough.

Apples maintain healthy immune cells, preventing many types of cancers. Such as lungs cancer, vertebral cancer, and limb cancer. Based on some research the antioxidants which are stored in the red apple have anti inflammatory effects on our cells.

It has positive effects on beating diarrhea. If there a slight chance for you to have diarrhea during the day, the high quantity of fibers in the apple will help. Eating apples during these times helps the stool to manage the excessive amount of water


apples-2 small or 1 very big
milk-1 cup (optional)
vanilla ice cream-2 big scoops
honey or sugar-2 tbsp
ice cubes -few (optional)


blend all well in a mixer and serve chilled.....


Last month friday-13th was my birthday....My birthday is one of my favorite day in the whole year. DH took these all pics with canon and whenever the memory card fills,i shifts those pics on desktop.So,just 2-3 days back I edited this birtdhay pics and thought to share along with this recipe which have only very few images...This birthday was a not happy one for me.because,the day before we couple went for check up and came to know about my problem.I was in dull mood,but DH forced to cut the cake..But my kids are so happy to chop the cake.They sung birthday song,clapped with beautiful hands and excited to blow out the candle..Such a sweet memories all these..:)




  1. i love apples a lot, i use to take atleast 1/2 apple daily...milkshakes are more delicious n refreshing ones...nice clicks!!

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  2. They look delicious..a must to try..Bookmarked



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