July 9, 2014

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Is there any one who refuses this wonderful tasty dessert??? Ah.How fool Iam..Actually my question it self totally wrong Is n`t it?? Hehehe..Who can ignore this amazing juicy rasamalai when you serve with lots of affection/love?? I love sweets..I Can`t ignore if they are in front of me..This is the reason behind of my weight gaining every time.But,now days totally stopped eating sweets,even iam not preparing any desserts.. With hernia pain,also stopped evening walk so,iam afraid of weight gaining very much..O.k.leave my stories.
Coming to this,Milk desserts/sweets are my favorite,but at the same time don`t have patience to prepare paneer in home. I shared a rasamalai recipe in my initial days of blogging.There i prepared rasagullas with home made paneer only,but here used ricotta cheese/paneer..Buying ricotta cheese every time in shopping is my weakness and use it to make gravies/rice varieties.But,from last month tempting to eay some juicy rasagullas without any reason..So,while browsing in youtube got a video of rasamalai  recipe which is a bake version..Also,I remember that lincy-co blogger posted a rasamalai bake method recipe..With help of those 2 recipes, along with my ideas I prepared this dessert..Believe me..This is the first time i tried in bake method and it was a huge success.The shape and taste of rasagullas is absolutely perfect and after soaking them in rabri,totally lip smacking..
Rasamalai is a bengali dessert which is made with soft paneer balls and thick creamy milk.It is a very popular dessert in india where people mostly likes to serve in wedding occasions.This soft and sweet balls rasamalai dessert also available in canned tins nowadays.But you can also try it in home with some patience if you are really interested. If you have parties,functions I strongly suggests this recipe to try in dessert category..This delicious milk dessert tastes best when you serve chilled and definitely it will steals the heart of all.Adding nuts in the final and thick creamy cardamom flavored rabri gives more taste to the dessert.
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Ricotta cheese-280 grams
sugar-1/4 cup
condensed milk-1/4 cup
salt-2 pinches
cardamom powder-1/2 tsp

milk-1/2 litre
sugar-1 cup (or to taste)
almonds+ cashews-5+5
cream-2 tbsp
cardamom powder-1 tsp
ghee-1 tbsp
Chop  ricotta cheese in pieces and take them into  big besan/bowl.Using blender try to crumble it..
You can use mash it with hand too..(see the pictures below).After crumbling finely add sugar,salt and condensed milk and make it like soft dough.
it will be soft and non sticky now.Now take a goose berry size of cheese mix and shape it like a round ball and keep aside.Do like this with complete cheese mix.
Now take muffins cups(tray) and apply a drop of ghee in each cup.Place rolled cheese balls in them.
Pre heat oven at 180 degree c.after 5 minutes place muffins tray and bake for 30 minutes.
In between(after 15 minutes remove out the tray and flip the cheese balls.)
How to make Rabri
add milk and sugar in a heavy bottomed pan and boil it for 20 minutes in low flame.
add cardamom powder and mix.Cook it until milk reduce to half .
Now add cream and turn off..Lets wait until it reaches to room temperature.
Then add baked rasagullas and nuts to the milk..Mix carefully and let it sit for 1-2 hours in fridge.
Garnish with some more pistachios,chironji nuts and tastes good when serve cold.

chop all nuts,fry in ghee.then add in rabri.
 Don`t forget to apply butter or ghee to muffins cups.other wise paneer may stick on bottom.
Use full cream milk and adding cream gives a rich taste.If available use half n half+full cream milk instead of  1/2 ltr milk.
Exactly 30 minutes of baking time is enough and you can check out by inserting a sharp knife to know whether it is baked or not..
I don`t have nuts in my hands,when I tried this,So added only chironji nuts.But use if you have.
Adding salt,sugar,condensed milk to crumble paneer is important.so don`t forget..
Don`t add hot rasagullas to hot rabri.Wait until they reaches room temperature and then start adding.
Refrigerating is important before serving.

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  3. nice dessert.. I love milk sweets anytime

  4. Looks delicious, am a fan of milk desserts too :)

  5. I too made some rasagullas the other day love ur baked version with and rasmalai too.

  6. Thats lovely to bake these cutie pies..
    Friendly enough to body.

    Thanks for the recipe


  7. Love this baked version. Looks yummy.

  8. Yummy and healthy Rasmalai...One of my favourite...needs to give a try ...


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