July 6, 2014

Spicy healthy Cabbage chicken curry/South indian non vegetarian dishes for rotis/Easy spicy chicken recipes for lunch/Step by step pictures/Cabbage health benefits

Some times few recipes arises in kitchen un expectedly.. If you are a creative cook,definitely you tries new combinations and innovative recipes..Am I right?? This is the same recipe which I created in the same way and happy to sharing with you all...
Cabbage is the one of the finest vegetable with cheap price and low calories.I like to buy 2-3 big cabbages at a time and just keeps them in plastic bag to store In fridge...Almost up to 2 weeks they keeps the freshness except few top layers...Cabbage curry or any other vegetable combination with cabbage perfectly matches to rotis and parathas.Iam the person who cooks different combinations with this big vegetable and likes to serve with rotis..It is the common dinner of we couple most of the days in a week...Even DH never refuses to eat and I heard some people don`t likes its smell or taste.I never faced that kind of issues and for those this will be the perfect recipe to try.So,Cabbage haters.please try this if you don`t have any issues with chicken.also,Those who love cabbage can try this happily for a change...Enjoy....


Cabbage is very rich in fiber, the main health benefit of roughage. This helps the body retain water and it maintains the bulkiness of the food as it moves through the bowels. Thus, it is a good remedy for constipation and other digestion-related problems.

cabbage is rich is sulphur. So, it helps fight infections in wounds and reduces the frequency and severity of ulcers.

Cabbage also has a number of anti-cancer compounds, like lupeol, sinigrin, and sulforaphane, which are known to stimulate enzyme activity and inhibit the growth of tumors, which can lead to cancer. 

CATEGORY-Chicken recipe of Main course/lunch/dinner

 Chicken drum sticks-10-12
tomatoes-1 big
onion-1 medium size
cabbage finely chopped-2 cups
green chili-1
chili powder-to taste
salt-to taste
turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
garam masala-1 tsp
kasoori methi/dry methi leaves-1 tsp
coriander+cumin powders- 1+1 tsp
bay leaf- 1 big
cinnamon-1 inch piece
green cardamom pods-2
black cumin-1 tsp
red chili-1
Ginger garlic paste(GGP)-2 tsp
cilantro leaves few -to garnish


chop onions,tomato,chili and put some slits on washed chicken using sharp knife .....

now turn on heat and place pressure cooker. in that add oil,cumin,cloves,cinnamon,cardamom,bay leaf,red chili,saute for 30 seconds....

add in GGP,onions,chili and saute well.. then add tomatoes,cabbage and mix well..After 2 minutes add  salt,chili powder,turmeric powder,garam masala,kasoori methi and combine well.

cook for 3-4 minutes in medium flame and add chicken. Combine every thing once and 3/4-1 cup of water.Fold with chicken mix and cover with lid.

 Cook for 15-20 minutes or up to 3 whistles.Check it after releasing air completely and add coriander+cumin powders and mix carefully...

now add cilantro leaves and mix.serve with rice or rotis along with lemon wedge and onion slices.


  1. love this spicy chicken curry....looks yummy & healthy too..

  2. that's a really interesting combination... never thought about it... good way of getting veges into the kids tummies...


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