July 21, 2014

Wheat flour banana waffles/quick and easy break fast waffles/low calorie waffles/step by step pictures

This is my first post in waffles category.So,definitely it is my lovely favorite post. Iam in plan to make few more different combination of waffles in future and sure will share through blog with you all..Casa vitoria is my favorite shop in foz which I like to visit whenever Iam oust side..It is a very store with kitchen utensils and gadgets. equipments of kitchen may be expensive in this shop,but quality is really best. When I went to buy a pressure cooker with DH,there I saw a waffle maker and it was in my buying list from a long time.After requesting DH hardly,in the same week,he brought it..Ah.It was unbelievable.Because every time what ever I say in the morning before leaving to work,he listens every thing,but after starting his work he forgets the whole stories of mine which I told..Hehehhe.Any way,I was pleased  with his surprising gift and last week I tried this delicious banana waffles first time in kitchen with my new waffle maker gadget..this waffles are healthy because of using wheat flour and excuse me because,they combined with egg.Next time sure will post egg free version and those who don`t have problem with egg can try this..I had this waffles with a hot cup coffee and it`s perfect complete break fast I felt..Instead of regular sandwiches or common rotis you can go with this waffles for a change..You may need around 30 minutes to make and you can also freeze remained waffles in zip lock bags.Iam seriously suggesting you all to try this waffles.Iam sure you will love these.:)



Wheat flour-1 1/2 cup
bananas-2 (3/4 cup puree)
baking powder-1 tsp
salt-1/2 tsp
sugar- 2 tbsp
oil- 1/3 cup
milk- 3/4 cup


In a mixing bowl take flour,salt,sugar,baking powder and mix well..

To this add oil,milk and banana puree and combine every thing finely..Finally add egg and blend every thing carefully.Don`t over mix..

Plug in waffles maker and when it`s hot pout a cup of batter into it..Cover it and let it cook til done..My waffles maker looks like a roti maker with red n green lights..after process it automatically showed green light and when I check out thought that still it need to cook.So plugged in again and cooked until waffles done..

So,it`s depend on your waffles maker model and careful with timing..

When waffles are crispy and brown in color turn off 

Pour some honey on top if yo like or place some chopped bananas or strawberries and serve hot with a cup of coffee.
To flour add sugar,salt,baking powder.I took 2 bananas

Puree the bananas and add to flour mix.Also add milk,egg and combine every thing well

Heat waffle maker and pour batter carefully .wait  until waffles done.Means they should be crispy and golden in color



  1. Hi maha! Nice waffles.. Wat other fruit can be used instead of banana?

  2. Looks really perfect! I've bookmarked this recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  3. awesome breakfast... I have a waffle maker which I am yet to use, want to try it once I am back after vacation...


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