August 3, 2014

avocado chocolate pudding/Easy simple desserts with less ingredients/Its my son mahadhip birthday today

It`s august 4th..A very special day in my sweet little home..Today my little one Mahadhip celebrating 3rd birthday..Can`t believe,still!! How soon the days passed..When he was a months baby,so quite and calm..I thought may be he may became like his papa.But,surprisngly,after 6 months changed and started making hillarious noise.It is continuing  til today..I can say strongly ,that he is the one the best naughty boy in the world.(may be it is a mom love) We couple can`t feel good without him in home..His eyes are the best asset to him..His smiles makes to me feel wonderful.he know how to make mom n dad cool very well with his lovely smile.He irritates his brother allot,but still they love each other madly..He is a very caring brother and never leaves his bro`s hand..We admire some times by seeing their love and are precious god gift which parents get really..

Actually I planned to make mickey mouse cake.But suddenly mahadev was sick with fever and throat infection..We couple was disturbed and i lost interest to make cake..But,how can a mom keep quite?? Again on sunday  I searched on web and got 3 number shape cake.I already baked 2 number shaped cake last year,so 3 year cake was not in my list..But,finally again it came into my mind..Soon will share pictures of cake and celebration..:)


Coming to the recipe,It is a very simple recipe which can prepare in 15 minutes with simple ingredients..If you have a avocado fruit in home or when you buy avocado next time, try this and serve after refrigerating for 30 minutes at least..It tastes delicious when serve little bit chilled.You no need any gelatin or agar agar to make this except a good mixy jar or blender..Chopping chocolate may takes few minutes of time in the recipe,other wise it`s worth trying dessert...For decoartion purpose i use some more chopped chocolate and mint leaves.But,you can go with your personal choice..Try it nex time and let me know friends..


Avocado pulp-1 small fruit/1 cup
honey-1/4 cup
cream-1/3 cup
cocoa powder-1/8 cup
chopped chocolate-1/2 cup
toasted coconut powder-1 tsp (optional)


Take all the ingredients and blend until smooth and soft..may be twice or thrice times with little bit break in bet ween..

Spoon it into serving bowls or cups and refrigerate for 1 hour.

Serve chilled with some fresh mint leaves on top.


Replace cream with coconut milk or coconut cream for a vegan option.



  1. Happy Birthday to ur son..this avocado chocolate ice cream looks so delish......

  2. soo mouth watering pudding def give it a try :)

  3. Happy birthday to lil darling.. Pudding looks very delicious and highly irresistible.

  4. Happy b'day to the little one... they are growing up so fast... still remember how much he was jittery while I was trying to keep him on my lap... :) the pudding looks really delicious...

  5. Happy Birthday to Mahadhip.
    Pudding look yummy and sweet. Beautifully done.

  6. Happy b'day to lil naughty boy :-) ....pudding looks yummy...


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