August 25, 2014

Cabbage soup/Diet cabbage soup/Loss 1 kg in one week/step by step pictures/Mahas own recipes


Cabbage shredded-2 cups
green bell pepper/capsicum-1
onion-1 small
olive oil-1 tbsp
red chili flakes-to tastesalt
oragno-1 tsp
tomato-1 big
water-5 cups


heat oil in vessel and saute onion well...Now add cabbage and saute well.Add salt and cook it for 3 minutes and add bell pepper..Mix and cook for 3 more minutes..

(You can use carrot grated too)

Then add tomatoes diced and cook for 2 more minutes.Add chili flakes and  water or vegetable stock now and boil it for 10 minutes in low flame.

finally throw oregano and turn off.Serve hot..


It is my very own recipe.which I tried with my own Idea..

The reason behind writing "Loss 1 kg in one week" is,cabbage one if the finest vegetable for weight loss.Soups helps us to loss weight easily more tahn the other dishes.

When I came to know this point,tried this soup and had it..Its yummy when tastes hot and feels tummy filling..

If you want to lose weight take this soup daily once or twice by mixing other vegetables once at a time and have it..Also,you should drink water 3-4 litres,take fruits except banana and avocado.One more important point,physical work.Like,exercise,walking,jogging etc..

Along with this I took fruits,lots of water,very less rice and went for walking for 4 Km daily..I lossed 1 kg in one week.

Believe me.It`s workouts...You need self confidence,control on tongue and poitive thought.Definitely you can achieve...

** Thanks to my blogger friend RUMANA who motivated me to do this all..Thanks dear...:)

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