August 15, 2014

Strawberry chocolate milk shake/quick and easy milk shakes recipes/Mahas own recipes/kids favorite drinks

ihikhik Hi every one..MLH introducing a yummy milk shake which is combination of strawberry and chocolate..I took steo wise pictures of this simple recipe also.But,some how missed pictures.Well,It`s not a big tough recipe to need step wise images,So,sharing with only main pictures.The three people in home don`t likes strawberries,but i Like this cute,little berries..Last week I tried this and really it`s a  delicious and yummy it is .see and enjoy........rindu


strawberries-5 big
chocolate chopped -1/8 cup
milk-1 glass/2 cups

1.take all the above ingredients in blender and blend well.
2.chop some strawberries and chocolate and mix in will enjoy.
serve chilled.

old pic :)
Yours Lovingly,
Usha Rani.Gencem
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