September 5, 2014

avocado dried apricots honey dip/easy simple avocado spread for bread n salt crackers/guacamole recipes/Mahas own recipes

Don`t knwo hoe few recipes come outs form our kitchen,unexpectedly..When they turns out tasty our heart feels more happy which can`t explain in words..Even without  tasting it much can feel tummy fill..Hehehehe..Isn`t it..If you faced this situation,definietly you can imagine the happiness of mine too...This simple recipe is my own,which i prepared in 10 minutes...Actually,i planned to make to some ice cream and later came to know that there was no space in freeze section..It is loaded with frozen veggies ;)

While searching fridge git a dried apricots bag which is lied down from so many days..I add apricots ususally in fruit salads..Took few apricots to fold with avocado and for taste added some honey..I thought to name it as avocado ice cream but,it need freezing if i would like to calll with a name ice cream..When i licked this avocado apricot it tasted too good..So,instead of freezing named it as dip and had it with crispy crackers..Beleive me,it`s worth try combination..ripen avocado gives a great taste and honey increases th esweet ness along with apricots...Here I used dried apricots,which need little bit long time to blend.So,to make it easy,I suggest you to soak them in water or milk over night then blend with avocado..You can relace honey with sugar,but i feel honey works out better more than the suagr here.For growing kids this is a super snack to feed in the evening times.. Try this and let me know .



Ripen avocado -1 big
honey-2 tbsp
dried apricots-10water or milk-1/4 cup


Soak chopped apricots in milk or water over night...Vegans can use "coconut milk".

Remove the pulp of avocado.Take a blender and grind apricots along with milk or water into very fine smooth paste..

stir in between and grind 2-3 times.Once it get smooth consistency add avocado pulp and blend it finally once.

Take it into bowl and add honey and salt..stir it well and spread it on bread slices or slat biscuits.You can use it like a dip too.


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