September 26, 2014

Beet root yogurt smoothie/Diet drinks/Mahas own recipes/Beat over weight with beets/Mahas own recipes

I  know Mahaslovelyhome shared so many beverages recipes..milk shakes,smoothies and diet drinks..Today Introducing one more recipe which is a combination of beet root and yogurt..blur
DH loves this kind of juices,more than the milk shakes..
Try to take fresh and healthy fruits or vegetable juices in the break fast times instead of tea or coffee.. It may difficult in the starting,but slowly you feels happy and energetic .sengihnampakgigi..try it..check it once.


beet root-1 big
sugar-2 tbsps or to taste
fresh yogurt-2 cups
ice cubes-few(opt)


1.Chop beet root and blend with other ingredients..

2.Serve chilled or directly.kenyit

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