September 12, 2014

Carrot curd rice/easy one pot meals/carrot thayir sadam/easy carrot bagala bath/step by step pictures

What is your favorite food?? In my case,I love yogurt..Isn`t that sounds silly??Heheheheh...But,It`s true..Even though there is a big list of foods,I will give place to yogurt in top 5..Home made pure resh curd tastes awesome with some hot white rice n mango pickle.Ahha.It was one of the best combination which I had mostly in childhood.Amma makes curd at home instead of buying and she don`t adds any water..I love to lick the thick cream /malai layer which is sets on top of curd...Oh..My god..I`m salivating here..Hehehehe..O.k..O..k.. Now to the recipe,Curd rice a common one pot meals which indians makes often..Long time back I shared curd recipe already.Again few times back shared,beet root curd rice which was my own version..In the same way today iam introducing carrot curd is same like beet root curd rice,just replace beets with carrot.It`s really yummy  and healthy of course..


Cooked white rice-2 cups
thick fresh yogurt/curd-2 cups
boiled milk-1/2 cup
few cilantro leaves


Oil-2 tbsp
mustard seeds-1 tsp
cumin-1 tsp
curry leaves-5-6
urad dal-1 tsp
chana dal-1 tsp
hing/asafetida-2-3 pinches
red chili-4-5


Take rice in a bowl and add curd,salt boiled n cooled milk..add grated carrot and mix well and keep aside for 15-20 minutes.

.heat a kadai or non stick pan add oil.when it is little hot put the temper with tempering ingrdients.

add this into rice and mix it.throw cilantro leaves and mxi it carefully

Rest it for 30 minutes and tastes good when you serve cold.

(: lovely words :)


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