September 14, 2014

Healthy wheat flour honey bread with yeast/ wheat flour honey sandwich bread/home made break fast bread with yeast/step wise pictures

Baking is my passion which I love to do often...In fact it`s a stress reliever I feel.. Till now i have posted 50+ baking recipes but very few with yeast used recipes.. Though I have succeeded in baking yeast using is a big task for me. Personally I feels kind of fearing to use yeast every time..
But last few days back,strongly decided to give a try with yeast.. Surprisingly this is the best result of mine.. It is a simple yet delicious bread which goes for breakfast or even to make sandwich.. I loved this recipe,of course it`s my favorite one because I got an awesome result with yeast..Go with full details and try it.. Home mades are always best!!




active dry yeast- 2  1/2 tsp

salt- 2 tsp
sugar-1 tbsp
butter-3-4 tbsp
honey-1/4 cup
warm water-1 1/3 cup
milk powder-1/3 cup
wheat flour- 4 cups


 In a mixing bowl add wheat flour,milk powder,salt,sugar and mix well..

In warm water add yeast..Mix carefully n let it sit for few minutes til it activates..

Beat butter and add dry flour mix.. Now add  honey and yeast mixture and mix it well every thing..

Now knead dough til soft and rest it for 1 hour.cover  the dough bowl with plastic wrap in warm place to rise up.

take dough on floured surface and knead it for few minutes. then again place it in a butter greased bowl byclosing with tight lid it for 1 hour in warm place

Finally once again knead dough and form it like loaf and place it in a butter greased bread tin or glass bowl..close it with kitchen towel or wrap again and let it sit it for 1 hour in warm place.It should become double in size..

Pre heat oven at 200 degrees,bake for 50 minutes or until the top turns light golden colour.After 30 minutes brush butter on top and bake it again fro 25-30 minutes.

Check out bread with tooth pick..if you like soft crust type bread bake for few more minutes.

Serve with jam or butter..


Without  blending I added hard butter in flour..It was a big mistake which I did..Never add like me..

You can add yeast in flour mixture and then add warm`s workouts too..Here,i followed this step..

Always use warm water,not hot water..yeast will die.

Resting dough mix is important..It should be keep in warm place not in normal room temparature.

My tip is,Pre heat oven for 5 minutes and turn dough bowl..

Kneading dough is important..


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Happy blogging!Happy cooking!

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