September 25, 2014

How to prepare home made hibiscus hair oil to prevent hair fall/hibiscus flower benefits/home remedies

Today Iam not sharing any recipe,but a very useful and interesting tip which attracts women..Who don`t want a long silky black hair??but,lack of time,busy schedules,so many works,responsibilites  makes us tired and finally we many don`t have time to take care for ourselves.But,it`s important to take self care to lead a good life and to maintain a good family.Because woman is the most important person, like a back bone  to family..When she is fine can take care of the whole family with peaceful mind..Is n`t it.. :)

Coming to this, coconut oil is the one of the popular liquid in india where people use it for hair massage and also in cooking in some places.I use parachute oil from child hood..Along with grocery items,I also brought coconut oil to foz.Actually my hair was so long but chopped it up when I was in 10th standard..Til now it is in medium height only.Wish it grows long again same like earlier times.Hair fall is common for every one,but after delivery it may increase in women and nowadays iam losing very much more than the previous years.So,while searching web,came to know the hibiscus uses for hair.luckily near by home have few plants o f this.Immediately plucked few flowers and prepared this hibiscus infused oil...Better to apply this,more than the plain coconut oil.If hibiscus flowers are available try this and apply to scalp.After few days I removed flowers from oil and used again fresh flowers..Check it below for more details.

Take 5-6 big fresh Hibiscus flowers and place them in sun shade until completely dries..Then take them into bowl and pour some oil on top til immerse and heat on a medium flame for 1 minute.Let it cool and change this into glass jar or in tin and close with lid.Let it sit for 2 days.Also,you can filter the oil instead of shifting directly into glass bottle.Then apply oil to scalp whenever you need and massage for few minutes..After 2-3 hours take shower bath.Do this for 5-6 times and remove out the flowers from can see the change in hair  after few trails...

    Hibiscus Flower Facts:
  • Over 200 species of Hibiscus Flowers
  • Hibiscus Flowers have a tart citrus taste
  • Hibiscus Flowers make great tea
  • Hibiscus Flowers last about one day
  • Hibiscus Flowers do not require water
  • The Pharoahs drank hibiscus flower tea
  • Hibiscus tea is popular in cocktails in the Caribbean


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