September 20, 2014

Rice kheer/Rice payasam/Indian popular desserts/rice pudding/how to make rice kheer/Step by step pictures/Celebration time

senyumkenyitHI friends..How are you all..Thanks each and every one who is writing comments on my blog posts every day..Of course..I`l catch your blogs and surely will write maxium comments
definitely..So,dont stop logging here and don`t forget to drop your valuable comments..Today Iam very happy..Can you guess why??? Mahaslovelyhome face book page crossed 15000 fans/Likes..Isn`t that awesome moment to celebrate with some delicious dessert..senyum

I prepared this kheer 2 weeks back and uploaded step by step pictures two days back..When i came to know that MLH page is going cross 15K decided to post it on this special day..Rice kheer is nothing but,rice pudding which is world wide famous..This recipe is in my mind from a long long time and today I made it finally..This is a very simple kheer which goes well in menu under dessert category..I feel even in the parties or get togethers also,it work outs best ..The cooking process is quite easy except soaking rice part..Basmati or sona masoori rice well goes for this rice kheer more than the normal rice...It tastes more delicious when served cool..So,refrigerate it for some time after done and then serve with some finley chopped almond Iam giving step by step images..check it and go with the recipe if you love sweets.......


basmati rice-1/2 cup
milk-3-4 cups
cardamom powder-1 tsp
cashews+almonds+raisins-1/2 cup+6
finely choppes pistachios-5
sugar-1 cup (to taste)
saffron colour-a pinch(opt)
ghee-1-2 tbsp

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1.soak rice for 2-3 hours maximum..or atleast for 30 minutes and before going to cook kheer dry it on a fresh cloth.

2.heat a heavy bottomed pan add ghee..roast rice fry for a minute and add  milk.when the milk is boiling add cracked rice..

3.cook this in very low flame.stir in between to prevent burning.when rice half cooked add sugar and cook for few more minutes.or til rice turns soft n mushy.

4.fry cashews,almonds and raisins in 1 tbsp ghee and add into kheer.add cardamom powder and mix it well.

5.decorate with some almonds flakes and pistachios and looks great.


Soaking for long time saves cooking time and use basmati rice..

Stir in between to avoid burning and add 1 cup more milk if it is looks too thick.

Dry fruits n nuts gives a good taste..

U don`t believe,,If i tell a secret..(I added 2-3 tbsp honey in the final process..It`s awesome..Try it kenyit)




Usha Rani..:)


  1. Rice kheer looks amazing ,Along with the flowers its even more amazing

  2. Congrats for the milestone.. Perfect way to celebrate

  3. i will add honey too :) wonderful rice pudding..

  4. such a tempting bowl of pudding... so happy for you dear... :)


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