September 18, 2014

Sago carrot kheer/sabudana carrot payasam/tapioca pearls carrot kheer/saggubiyyam carrot payasam/carrot javvarisi kheer with jaggery

I like sago/sabudana..........Amma rarely uses sago in cooking.....but i started using after coming here only.......I tried twice sago kheer and posted in blog too....This time for a change i added some carrots and instead of sugar added jaggery...if you are sweet tooth like me,start using jaggery more in the place of sugar...OK..check recipe and let me know how is it?


sago-1/2 cup
jaggery-1 cup (12 cup more if you are sweet tooth)
carrot coarse paste or grated-1/2 cup(i used paste)
cardamom powder-1 tsp
ghee-2 tbsps
milk-1/2 ltr
cardamom powder-1 tsp


Wash and soak sago for 30 minutes..

Heat pan with 2 tsps ghee and fry cashews,almonds and raisins.Chop and grind carrot coarsely or grate it if you like.

Now add remained ghee in pan and roast carrot...then add milk and stir well..

Now add soaked sago and mix well.After 5 minutes add coarsely ground jaggery and fold it every thing well.

Add cardamom powder and cook for 10 minutes in low flame by stirring in between..finally add dry fruits n nuts..

 Turn off and serve warm or cold...It`s delicious....


Hi.......This is Maha..Thank you so much for visitng my space and for your valuable and comments..Any doubts about recipes you can comment.Aim and reason of This blog is to introduce recipes and It`s my interest ..PLEASE Please..DON`T give and paste any Htmls and event links. Vulgar comments will be deleted..Strictly requesting..Don`t SPAM HERE...
Thank you..

Happy blogging!Happy cooking!

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