October 15, 2014

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Iam not a big pro in making burphis..very long time back tried all purpose flour burphi and itcame out very well.Actually except me there is no one in the home to eat sweets or sugar foods..recently my little one started giving company who suffers with cough after having tiny pieces of sweets or chocolates...Well,even though I don`t have people to eat in home,tried this burphi for blog purpose...I want to share at least few recipes these days,which are related to this biggest festival..I hope my step by step images may helps you all to go with the recipes...

Well,coming to the recipe it is a burphi which is made with maida and milk powder...Already many other people shared maida burphi and milk powder burphi recipes,,Even I  too first planned to make milk powder burphi,but later after thought to mix maida to make it creative...There is no much difference in the making process in between maida burphi and this.So,if you are sweet tooth and searching for easy recipe,must try this...it may take around 25 minutes and the ingredients are so simple which we use in regular cooking..Try it and let me know...



Maida/all purpose flour- 1 cup
milk powder-1 cup
sugar-1 cup
cardamom powder- 1tsp
red or orange or yellow food color-2 pinches
ghee-1/3 cup (optional)


Sift flour and milk powder in a plate..add sugar in pan and add enough water.. until sugar covers.

Then let it heat until syrup forms..add cardamom powder+food color and mix once.When the sugar melts completely take a drop with spoon and check it by taking into your thumb and for fingers..if it forms like string,then the syrup is ready..

In the next second,pour flour+ milk powder mixture and stir continuously..after 3 minutes add some ghee and mix without stopping until it forms like soft dough..when the mixture starts leaving pan add some more ghee and stir it well again..turn off after 3 minutes and change this on ghee greased plate..

Spread it evenly and let it cool..after 5 minutes suing sharp knifes cut into pieces..later after some time separate the pieces and serve..



This is my own idea of making burphi by mixing two main ingredients,so i was bit excited while making..

Well..i this kind of burphi plays main role,but I skipped it,,still got a good shaped,tasty burphis...So,it`s your choice of adding or not...

You can try this only with maida in the same process..For 1 cup maida-1 cup sugar works out well

The measurements are perfect and burphi tasted good with mild sweetness.

If you are too sweet tooth add 1/2 cup more sugar..Remember there is difference in between white sugar and granulated cane sugar.

Strring is important,otherwise it may burn from the bottom..

Adding color is optional and you can add any nuts or saffron strands and rose water in syrup for rich taste.

 sugar syrup consistency plays a main role in this recipe where you should be ver careful...I used sweet milk powder,so added less sugar..So,sugar quantity is depended on milk powder sweetness.

Don`t use a bowl to make syrup like me,its difficult to stir after adding maida mix..Use wide non stick pan and stir immediately without stopping..

If it is the first time don`t panic and careful on each step for best result...


Hi.......This is Maha..Thank you so much for visitng my space and for your valuable and comments..Any doubts about recipes you can comment.Aim and reason of This blog is to introduce recipes and It`s my interest ..PLEASE Please..DON`T give and paste any Htmls and event links. Vulgar comments will be deleted..Strictly requesting..Don`t SPAM HERE...
Thank you..

Happy blogging!Happy cooking!

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