October 10, 2014

5 Minutes Microwave chocolate cake/ Easy tasty chocolate cake in 5 minutes/one bowl wheatflour chocolate cake/step by step pictures

Microwave cooking is easy which saves time and satisfies tummy too...I love to try micro wave recipes,but the beep sound makes me to feel tense and until the recipe completes hands shivers without any reasons...Already I posted some microwave recipes and again nowdays trying new recipes with my new microwave..
Few days back,my Mahadev asked for chocolate cake on saturday..So,instead of baking regular big cake for 50 minutes went with microwave option and this cake just completed in 5 minutes..Can you believe it??of course..You have to...Here is the answer/result infront of your eyes..

This cake contains and eggs and butter...But I replaced butter with olive oil...Most of the MLH cakes recipes are oil based and I prefer mostly oil only...and,cake color is depended on cocoa qualtiy..Here the cocoa which I used is not a best brand and the color of cake is bit dull,but there is no compromise in texture...The close up shots of cake slice may makes you to feel more satisfy i feel..Try it if you are a chocolate cake lover or if you are craving for some thing dessert,this one definitely fulfills your crave...



wheat flour-3/4 cup+1 tbsp (100 grams)
butter or oil-100 grams or 7 tbsp
cocoa- 3 tbsp or (1/8 cup if it is poor quality)
white sugar-150 grams (1/2 cup)
milk-1/2 cup
baking powder-1 tsp


Take a microwave safe plastic bowl and apply oil or butter well..

Now in a mixing bowl add oil,milk,eggs and mix well.

In this add sugar,flour,cocoa,baking powder and fodl every thing well..

Pour this batter into plastic bowl and micro wave for 3 minutes first.

after time finishes remove and check..You can observe the consistency pf batter and can calculate,how many more minutes it needs.

So,micro wave it for 2 more minutes and then check..This time you can feel the smell and cake raises well..

or if it is still wet n in complete microwave for 1 more minute..If it is done perfectly let ot cool for 10 minutes..

Once after done.slice it and serve..

oil+sugar+milk+eggs+cocoa+flour+baking powder.. mix and shift into bowl.microwave for 5 minutes..


Each microwave timings and settings are different..for me it took 5 minutes..according to your microwave capacity try it and need some personal care and keep an eye while making microwave recipes.

If your microwave is a very good brand you may complete in 4 minutes it self.Also,the size of the bowl also plays main role in this recipe.So,remember it..

Don`t forget greasing bowl to get a perfect shape cake.

You can replace  wheat flour with APF .. Make sure the batter is not too thick.


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Usha Rani.G :) :)

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