October 23, 2014

Microwave mysorepak/ How to make mysorepak in 5 minutes using microwave/ Easy microwave mysore pak recipe with 5 ingredients/step by step pictures

This is the last recipe of this diwali...Iam very happy to share easy ,tasty festival recipes in MLH with you all..I wish you each and every one a very safe and glowing diwali...I hope you all celebrating with full of fun and happy....Enjoy and careful with crackers...:)

Coming to the recipe,It`s one of the popular indian sweet which people loves to make in festival times..More than that,It`s DH favorite sweet...yeah....He loves badusha and mysore pak in our indian sweets..Yupp.but my bad luck,whenever I tries badusha,always disappoints me..Last 3 months back I think,tried mysore pak.just with a small neglegency recipe was flopped .Actually I followed all the important steps ,but in the final missed pouring mixture in bowl without making late..So,i didn`t get particular shaped sqaures,but the mixtire was tasted simply awesome...after that I never even thinked about it,because of it`s rich ghee quantity and this diwali reminded me again..after trying microwave version besan laddu,got an idea of trying mysore pak too..So,immediately,browsed on web,Got some useful links and followed chitra n aarthi spaces as it is..It`s a simple process,very easy to make,no heavy work,no mch time.All you need is ingredients and 5 minutes time...

I was so curious to know the result, of mysorepak,also was bit tensed too.I love sweets,but the ghee quantities of the recipes pulls me back to try..So,this  mysorepak made to feel shiver while trying,but it made me to feel so happy after the trail and the pieces are just perfect...If you follow the steps carefully,definitely you will enjoy the tasty mysorepak....So,just go with the recipe and enjoy happily...


Besan flour/chick pea flour-3/4 cup
ghee/clarified butter-1/2 cup
powdered sugar- 3/4 cup
milk- 1tbsp
cardamom powder-1 tsp
microwave safe glass bowl


In a microwave safe bowl take 1 tbsp ghee and add flour..Microwave it for 1 minute or until flour roast...U can smell the nice aroma of besan flour..

Then remove and take it into abowl..

Now in the same micro wave safe bowl add ghee,sugar,cardamom powder and mix...

Add roasted flour +milk and mix with spoon nicely without ..

Microwave the bowl for 3 minutes first..You can observe the bubbles in the flour mixture and it turns little bit thcik.

So,again microwave it for 2 minutes and now it turns completely hard..

That means your mysore pak is ready now..

Put slices with knife and after few minutes take them into plate and serve.


better to check for every 2 minutes..It can be done in 4 minutes also.

Don`t microwave for more than 4-5 minutes..the mixture will burn..

Microwave capacity is different for each one,so careful.

Roasting flour gives a nice flavour to mysorepak.

Don`t skip milk and cardamom powder.


  1. very crispy mysorepak.. When sweet making is so simple how to diet?

  2. Awsum Mysore pak......... Love the texture :)

  3. this was one of my dad's fav sweeet.. didnt know how to make ... thanks for sharing its beautiful recipe :)

  4. wow!this sounds super easy and quick! looks delicious too

  5. Beautifully made..nice and porous..
    hope u had a nice Diwali

  6. delicious mysore pak and thanks for sharing the microwave method.


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