November 4, 2014

Beet root mint milk shake with mint flavore ice cream/Healthy milk shakes/Using left over ice creams to make milk shakes

What you like to make with left over ice creams?? From last few years Iam not purchasing ice creams in grocery shopping..But last few days back,in common grocery shopping DH forced me to collect it..For a variation he took mint flavored ice cream and it tatsed like,mint bites..Hahahah!!! After a scoop he avoided it and later I forgotten about taht box...Again while checking freezer got that box,then decided to vanish it.First tried by mixing with mango,which already posted in MLH..And this the second one with beet root..Adding beet root in daily diet is important and this kind milk shakes tastes good and easy to make also..Try it fro a change...:)


Beet root-1 small
mint ice cream-2 scoops
milk-1 cup
mint leaves-few


First,chop and blend beet root..Then add remaining ingrdeints and blend finely..

Serve directly or chilled by refrigerating for some times..


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