November 5, 2014

Latin american style carrot cake/Celebrating Mahaslovelyhome 3rd Birthday with wheat flour butter free carrot cake / How to make easy,simple carrot cake/Fluffy,spongy carrot cake with step by step pictures

Today is a very unique day In my life...It`s MLH birthday..Yeah..3 years back on this same day when my  little son (Mahadhip) was sleeping other side,created this blog in the evening time and never even thinked,that it becomes such a big hit...It brought a huge fame to me and blessed wonderful friends.I don`t know any basic information in the starting about blogging,even til now did n`t tried to earn some money through it...Because,I dont want to make busniess with MLH,it`s just like my hobby where iam sharing my useful stuffs..When I started MLH was very excited and shared so many recipes with common pictures..But,later after watching co blogs came to know the basics,important steps about blogging..Co-ordination in the blog world helps to grow and it`s a very healthy relation ship in between all bloggers..Very soon.I understood that there are no much telugu people/bloggers and I was totally down in the starting..But,later understood, to communicate or to improve relation ship language is not at all a problem..I still,wonder some times when I think about my caring and loving friends...Though you all are very far ,you girls are in my heart always...Expecting this fondness for ever and keep visiting MLH habitually..

I know it`s a very great day which need glorious clebration,but Iam not much fine to make a cake with lots of decoration..Along with my kids birthdays I always thinks about MLH celebration too.Though planned to bake a beautiful cake,dropped back because of my back pain and headache..Yeah.. actually designed to make a rich chocolate cake with lots of butter cream,but it need lots of patience and some concentration too..So,I thought that it`s better to share another recipe,instead of taking trouble..This is also one of the popular recipe in world and favorite one to so many people.This carrot needs only 5 ingredients and it`s rich in yellow color because of using eggs..Other carrot cakes need 1 or 2 eggs or depending on the flour quantity may need 3..But in this,,need 4 eggs and no vanilla,no cinnamon powder,no soda,no butter..Isn`t that attracting you all??? Carrot cake is my favorite..So,definitely i love all versions of carrot cakes..But,if you try this certainly you`ll like love it...Damn sure..So,don`t do late and here goes the recipe..



Wheat flour- 2 cups
sugar- 2 cups (I used 1 cup brown sugar_1 cup white sugar)
olive oil or any vegetable oil- 1 cup
baking powder-1 tsp
carrots-3 (chopped pieces-1 1/2 cups)
eggs- 3 or 4
salt-1/2 tsp


Wash and chop carrots.. In a bowl sift flour,baking powder..

In a mixy jar take carrots,eggs,sugar,oil,salt and blend until smooth and liquid..

Now shift this into flour and mix nicely with spatula..

Apple oil or butter in cake tin and dust with flour flour..See,If you grease tin well,no need dusting...

Pre heat oven at 200 degree C..Tip the cake batter into tin and place in oven for 50 minutes...

Check with tooth pick and turn off, if the cake is perfect.

Decorate with chocolate ganache which is a combination to this cake...


This recipe prefers all purpose flour (APF),But I replaced with wheat flour.

You can use 3 eggs if you use APF...

I baked in the night,was tired to prepare ganache..But you don`t miss it.vth chocolate, cake tastes more tasty..

If you use 4 eggs,cake turns more fluffy and it may smells of egg.

You can use 1/2 tsp baking soda and also can reduce sugar to 1 1/2 cups.


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