November 15, 2014

Quick and easy Noodles chicken soup | Kids recipes | Boneless chicken recipes | recipes using noodles | easy dinner recipes | Step by step pictures

I heard that most of kids loves noodles..Even ,elders also prefer noodles in busy hungry  times.But,Iam not a big fan of noodles and never ever tried it in my kitchen,..But,last few days back,DH close friend gave some noodles packets which they brought from china..I thought to cook like vermicelli upma with lots of vegetables..For kids tried it without chili powder and added 2 pinches chat masala, oregani in the final...Surprisngly.Mahadev loved it and mahadhip enjoyed just noodles..I  added different veggies like carrots,french beans,mushrooms,olives,capsicum,peas,sweet corns..I loved this idea actually,and i think in this way we can feed kids all kind of healthy veggies for them..Then after few days,got an idea of adding boneless chicken into noodles with some mild spices..This time more tahn kids,I loved this method and mahadev avoid to eat..It is simple to cook,healthy because of adding all types vegetables and tiem saving recipe too..If you love noodles,for a varitation can try this..can try for kids too..



Noodles packet -1
green bell pepper-1
onion-1 small
french beans-3
potato-1 small
cauli flower florets-few
boneless chicken chopped into small pieces- 150grams
dry red chili-3-4
chat maslala-1/2 tsp
oregano-1 tsp
pepper powder-1/2 tsp 
ginger garlic patse-1 tsp
oil- 2 tbsp
cumin-1 tsp
cloves -3


Wash and fry chicken in an with 2 tbsp of oil for 10 minutes in medium flame until chicken turns soft and roasted.Then keep aside...Wash and chop all the veggies..

Heat pan with oil and saute cumin,cloves..Then add onions,GGP and saute for 2 minutes..Then add all chopped vegetables,salt and cook  them for few minutes until soft..

Add in chicken and mix once every thing...After 3-4 minutes add enough water and let it boil in medium flame..

While boiling add in break noodles and add along with red chili...Cover this and cook until noodles done..

Then add chat masala and organo,pepper powder and cook for 2-3 minutes and turn off..

Serve hot ..


You can add vegetbales..Like, sweet corn,green peas,zuchhini,cabbage,cilantro leaves etc.

Adding red chili in between along with noodles gives mild taste..It`s good for kids.If you roast them in oil it may tastes too spice and hot.

Skip red chili and add black pepper powder 1 tsp.oregano is optional which is my favorite,but it gives a nice flavor.

Depending on your choice adjust water.if you want soup consistency t add more water..

It is one of the easy and best recipe to have any time and for kids too..


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