November 1, 2014

Spicy okra peanut fry/ Deep fried Bhendi fry/Bendakaya palli vepudu/Hyderabad functions popular crispy bhindi fry/Indian okra recipes/vegan fry recipes for rice

Do you love hyderabad cuisine???....If so,then defnitely you`ll like this recipe..It is a very popular deep fry which you can see in marriages and dinner or reception (an evening function which arranges after a marriage)buffet..In our telugu culture usually prefers vegetarian foods in marriage buffet and non-veg for reception..It is a tradition which hindus following from so many years...In the marriage buffet this deep fried bhendi is one of the important recipe..There is blind believe like,Marriage meals means,few recipes are must and you never going to miss them..Along with this,stuffed brinjal gravy(gutti vankaya kura),sambhar,raita/plain salted butter milk,white rice,potato brinjal curry,potato gravy or kurma,spinach dal (palakura pappu),papad,boondi laddu,badhusha,mango pickle and finally papad are the must recipes..Yupp..Iam salivating here while writing all these..Yeah...Though we cook all these in home,the taste of the recipes in marriages and functions is different...When I was in India attended very few marriages and never understood the importance of our hindu traditions,ocassions and realtives..Now,the distance and lonliness showing the value of country and family...Hmmm.Hope,soon I visit my beautiful respected  India and my family..Luckily,If I gets a chance to attend any marriage surely will share the food pictures...



Okra/bhindi/bendakayalu- 20 small and tender
fresh and samll peanuts-1 cup
red chili powder-to taste
chat masala-2-3 pinches (optional)
onion-1 small (optional)
turmeric powder-1/2 tsp (optional)
dry red chili-3
urda dal-1/2 tbsp
curry leaves-few
coriander powder-1 tsp
oil-for deep fry
cashew nuts-few (optional)


Check the okra is fine or not by cutting the tail vth ur thumb finegr..if it chopped off its good to cook,other wise reomve it..

Take okra in colander and wash well under runnig water and let them sit aside for 5 minutes..Then take a fresh kitchen towel and wipe okras well. Chop into1/2 inch size pieces..

Now heat oil for deep fry in kadai and fry peanuts well first..Take then into bowl and start frying okra..Keep flme in low and fry okra until crispy..If you are using cashew fry them also.

Now heat pan and add 2 tbsp oil and saute cumin+red chilli+curry leaves..Then very finely chopped onion..Fry til brown and add deep fried okra,peanuts..Mix well..

Throw in salt,chili+turmeric powders and suate for 5 minutes..Turn off and add chat masala+cashews..COmbine evey thing nicely..

Serve with hot white rice along with sambhar or with curd rice..


This method work outs if you are cooking for 3-4 members or in small quantity..

Other method is,Deep fry peanuts,okra,cashews,curry leaves,red chili and take all of them in a mixing bowl and add red chili powder,salt,chat masala,coriander powder..Mix well and serve.

Onion and turmeric powder is optional..Chat masala also your choice..

Fry peanuts very well..Cashews gives a rich taste..Don`t miss if you like them in dish.. ( I don`t have them in hand actually,when I tried this)

It`s me :)


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