December 11, 2014

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Tea is an indian popular hot drink which people used to take daily in the morning...It is a favorite drink of so many people,more than the coffee in India.Even I used to take tea in college days daily in the morning with Parle-G biscuits...I have already shared a tea recipe long time back,which is Amma special..She loves to add ginger skin and green cardamom pods..It tastes wonderful with ginger touch and cardamom flavor...After shifting foz,I started taking coffee and almost forgotten tea.
After a long time again to pair a recipe,tried this tea with my own idea...Yeah..My neighbour send raw bananas and first time,prepared some spicy banana fritters,So,for a combination prepared this hot tea..The combination was just awesome and this tea is very strong with pepper flavor and smells beautifully with cinnamon touch....This is a wonderful tea to take in winter times or to get relief from cold and cough...Try next time,if you love Tea..Don`t forget to check another recipes of Mahaslovelyhome..

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3%fat  Milk-1 cup
water-2 tbsp
tea powder-1 tsp (depended on brand, or you can use 2 tsps)
sugar-as per your taste
cinnamon stick-1 inch
black pepper corns-6-8


Dry roast pepper corns,cinnamon stick for 1 minute and make a fine powder of it.Now in a vessel heat milk,add water.

When the milk starts boiling tea powder and mix...Let it boil for 2 minutes and add sugar..

Put flame in low and boil it for 2 more minutes..Now throw in masala powder and boil for last 1 minute.

The more boiling gives best taste.Finally turn off and strain it into cup..Serve with biscuits or pakodas..

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