January 16, 2015

Friday With a Friend 7th Guest Post In Mahaslovelyhome by Niloufer Riyaz | Kuih Dadar | Sweet Coconut filled Pancakes | Break Fast Pancakes With Coconut Stuffing | Kids Friendly Recipes

Friday Guest post party in MLH

Once again it`s proving that Iam always late in posting special recipes,like festivals recipes,occassional specials or even my guest post event posts..But,actually my day starts late and after finishing the whole work,aorund 3 pm i take my laptop to check out blog..But,still i don`t feel shame to accept that Iam bit lazy,yeah..This year Mahadev will enter into first class,and his studies going to be serious..
We couple thinking to shift him in other school called Monogolo which is popular in foz..Iam bit nervous about my kids studies and thinking seriously to decide the school..Well,I understood last month that blogging is just a part/passion which should not disturb our personal life.That`s why I decided to spends much time for my personal tasks and home.But,Maximum I`ll be in touch with you all and never keeps Mahaslovelyhome in silence..Hope I can...

O.K coming to the guest post,today we are going to meet Niloufe Riyaz who blogs at Kitchen Samraj.. She shares all kind of recipes,specially I like Baklava sweet recipe in her blog..First we met in blogging by writing comments on each other posts,later came to know deeply through FB..Though we don`t chat often,we are in touch by liking each other posts and pics in FB..It sounds crazy..Hahahahahaa!!!! When i asked about writing guest post she sent recipe within a week,but some how I missed posting it in december..still feeling happy to share this wonderful recipe in the new year and thank you so much dear..


  1. we make something so similar... it is surprising how cuisines from world around can be so similar... good to read more about niloufer... :)

  2. Lovely recipe and great to know more about Niloufer..

  3. I am in loss of words to thank you dear! Lovely compilation ,,,, Thank you dear

  4. Wow ! Nice post. This dish looks delicious.

  5. lovely guest post maha :) good to know about niloufer :) sweet filled pan cakes are looking so great .. yummy


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