January 16, 2015

Okra rasam | Bendakaya pulusu | Bhendi cooked tamarind sauce with spices | Easy Veg Gravy recipes For Rice and Rotis

Okra rasam or bendakaya pulusu is one of my mother singnature recipe which she makes often..It is a very simple recipe and easy to cook in minutes..senyum It`s my family favorite recipe in school days..Try it for a change,definitely you`ll like it..


okras-15 medium size
tomato-1 small (optional)
onion-1 big
red chilli powder-2 tsp (to taste)
salt-to taste
tamarind pulp-small lemon size
coriander powder-1 tsp
turmeric powder-1/2 tsp


oil-2 tbsps
mustard seeds -1 tsp
cumin seeds -1 tsp
curry leaves-1 sprig
ginger garlic paste(GGP)-1 tsp
hing/inguva -2-3 pinches
red chilli-3


1.Wash okra finely and dry them using a fresh kitchen towel...Chop into 1 inch size pieces.Watch onion finely..Soak tamarind in sufficient water and squeeze out the juice...

2.heat a vessel or non stick pan with oil add ingredients which given under oil and saute well ..Fry onion also  for 1 minute and add chopped okra and mix it well.

3.After 2 minutes add chili powder,turmeric powder and salt.(you can add tomatoes here if you use)After 5 minutes add tamarind juice (around 1 cup).let it boil for 10 minutes in low flame.

4. Add coriander powder. boil it for 2-3 more minutes and turn off the flame.

5.serve hot with rice or roti...


Yours lovingly,
Usha Rani.G :)
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