October 19, 2016

Beetroot Banana Chia Smoothie | Smoothie With Beets Banana and Chia | Summer Special Smoothies

Chia seeds are healthy which we can use in various forms..I have already posted lots of drinks recipes like milk shakes,smoothies,diet juices,green juices but using chia seeds did n`t tried any drinks..
So,this is the first smoothie recipe with chia..It`s a combination of root vegetable and a ripen banana..Beetroot dominates with it`s color but you can feel the banana taste as well when you sip the smoothie..Adding chia seeds in daily menu like this is a very good idea for health always..

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CATEGORY-Smoothies | Chia Seeds | Banana | Beetroot


Beetroot-1 small
Banana-1 big (Ripen)
Yoghurt fruit flavored-2 cups
water-1/2 cup (optional)
Chia seeds-1 table spoon


Peel skin,wash and chop beetroot.Take all the ingredients in blend and run jar for half minute or until every thing becomes smooth and puree..Pour in glass and serve. or you can refrigerate for some time.

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