October 30, 2016

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By modifying spaghetti pasta in tomato sauce,created this fettuccine dish.This is simple to make yet tastes delicious too. Addition of cheese gives richness and enhances the taste. Basically tomatoes are naturally acidic.
You need to add sugar to balance the acidity.You can use the best quality canned tomatoes available if you like instead of fresh tomatoes.But fresh tomatoes gives the good result and taste as good..Overall, this classic Italian cuisine style, hot buttery tomato pasta is a perfect for dinner specially for kids.

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CATEGORY- Pasta | Easy Dinner Recipes | Kids Special Dinner Recipes

Fettuccine or spaghetti pasta-200 grams
oil -1|2 table spoons
garlic cloves-3
onions-1 small
black pepper powder- 1 tea spoon
tomatoes-3 big
salt-to taste
mozarella cheese -little bit
dry oregano flakes  -1/2 tea spoon


Boil water in a vessel.Throw in Fettuccine or spaghetti pasta in water,cook until it soft then drain in colander.Add in table spoon of oil and mix well..

Heat a non stick pan with oil,throw in chopped garlic cloves,finely chopped onions,saute for a minute..Add finely chopped tomatoes,salt and cook it until mushy.Now add boiled pasta,black pepper powder.. Mix every thing,cook for 5 minutes,add mozarella cheese and oregano stir it and turn off gas..

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