November 6, 2016

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Super Soft and Moist Chocolate Cake
Today Mahaslovelyhome stepping into 5th year..So,it`s 5 birthday of MLH.. Thank you all for giving such a big support and encouragement to continue to share many more recipes.This is the 1110 recipe which Iam posting today..On this special day,with a chocolate cake giving treat to all the friends and viewers..Well,being a brasilian boys mom and brasil blogger,today Iam posting brazil popular chocolate cake. Bolo de chocolate which we call in portuguese here in our place.
I have baked lots of cakes til now.But this is one of the cake which stolen my heart truly..I was unable to turn my eyes after taking it out from oven..It`s an unexpected result..The color of the cake was so dark with full of cocoa  flavor. Though I added oil,it tasted damn delicious same like butter folded cake...This recipe also folded with water which is a tricky..Yes!! never should add boiling water to the water turns the cake/muffins lumpy.So,always add warm water when the recipe says hot water..I bet,this recipe will steal your heart,definitely you get a grand applause from your family or to whom you serve..Why wasting time? Just go to kitchen,pick the ingredients,take spatula+whisker,mix every thing and bake..All the Best!!!

CATEGORY- Baking | Real Chocolate Cake | Dark Chocolate Cake

oil-1 cup (I used soya oil)
sugar -1 cup
warm water -1 cup
all purpose flour/maida -2 cups
baking powder -1 tea spoon
un sweetened cocoa powder-1 cup

For chocolate Ganache/Cobertura
un sweetened cocoa powder-2-3 table spoons
butter-2 table spoons
condensed milk-2-3 table spoons


In  a bowl,break eggs,add oil,sugar mix until it dissolves.Add in cocoa,warm water stir every thing to mix.Add in flour,baking powder and give a very good final stir..

Preheat oven at 200 degree C. Apply oil or butter in baking tin with 1 table spoon of flour dust it from all sides evenly..Now pour batter,tap tin on flour,to avoid bubbles in the batter..Now place in oven bake until done.It may take 50 minutes minimum..I generally never check time exactly..Usually I check out with tooth pick,if it`s comes out clean cake is done..Take it out,cool it aside. 
Mean while heat  a pan with butter add in cocoa stir immediately.Add condensed milk stir every thing..Turn off and once it cools pour on cake,sprinkle chocolate semiya.. Refrigerate for some time,slice and serve..

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