November 7, 2016

Creamy Strawberry Banana Trifle | Breakfast Fruit Trifle | Strawberry Banana Trifle For Breakfast | Strawberry Desserts

Usually,I prefer home made banana bread slice for break fast along with a cup of coffee or milk ..But these days,I`m not baking for we couple like before.So,finishing break fast with idli or upma most of the time.But when I get strawberries it will be different..
Breakfast with fruits is always great feeling which gives a refreshing feeling..parfait means nothing but a dessert with different layers and fruit slices.Here,I tried  maximum to arrange them properly,but cream mixture was thin so finally it messed up totally..The idea of this kind of parfait is nice to try,that`s why posting to let you know all.Try this next time and enjoy chilled.

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Thick whipping Cream/creme de leite-1/2 cup 
Condensed milk-2 -3 table spoons
Vanilla essence-1/2 tea spoon
Crumbled biscuits -1 cup (I used milk biscuits)
 Banana-1 big
Chopped Strawberry pieces -1 cup

Whip cream in a bowl for a minutes using spatula..add in condensed milk,vanilla essence and keep aside.. Now  in  a tall glass add crumbled biscuit as base..Now pour 1-2 table spoons of cream mixture.Cover with strawberry slices..Again add some biscuit mixture on top banana slices then cream layer..Repeat this process til glass fills.Finally on top of the glass arrange some banana& strawberry slices and refrigerate for an hour minimum..Serve chilled in break fast with milk/coffee..

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