November 24, 2016

Dry fruits and Nuts Paratha | Paratha Recipes | Indian Flat Bread Recipes | Dinner Time Recipes

After trying dry fruits and nuts phool makhana payasam  I was thinking to use the remaining nuts powder.. I used to make sugar chapathi in school days..So,with that recipe inspiration I created this paratha which is healthy yet tasty too..This paratha is perfect for kids break fast or you can send as snack to school box.Adjust the sugar quantity as per your taste.Try this and serve hot..

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almonds-2 table spoons
cashews-2 table spoons
pistachios-2 table spoons
chironji-2 table spoons
walnuts-2 table spoons
sugar-2 table spoons+1/2 cup

cardamom powder-1 tea spoon
wheat flour/atta -1 cup
oil-2-3 table spoon

salt-2 pinchesghee- 2 table spoons

In a mixy jar take all the dry fruit nuts,sugar and cardamom powder.Grind into fine powder and keep aside..
take flour in a bowl,add ghee,salt mix well. Using water prepare dough,knead for some time.after 15-20 minutes divide dough into same size balls.
Using maida or extra white flour roll dough in medium size chapathi,apply oil and sprinkle ground nuts powder around 1 table spoon,carefully like shown in below pictures close it and again roll in medium size in square shape.
Using oil or ghee pan fry the paratha on both sides and serve hot..This parathas are little bit sweet in taste,so you no need any pickle or curd like other parathas.

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