November 4, 2016

Dry fruits and Nuts Paysam | Phool Makhana Payasam With Dry Fruits | Lotus Seeds Kheer | Phool Makhane Desserts

Phool Makhanas are nothing but puffed lotus seeds, which is like pop corns are puffed corn kernels. In Navratri time usually north indian people prepares various dishes with phool makhana and sabudana.I have already posted Makhana Kheer long time back..
With dry fruits addition today again sharing another kheer recipe.I have also posted few makhana seeds curries/gravies which are perfect to serve with roti. Coming to this kheer it is simple and quick to make- Addition of all dry fruits gives a rich taste to this bowl of payasam..Follow the pictures and notes to prepare and enjoy!!

CATEGORY- Payasam | Kheer | Desserts | South Indian Sweets

almonds-2 table spoons
cashews-2 table spoons
pistachios-2 table spoons
chironji-2 table spoons
walnuts-2 table spoons
sugar-2 table spoons+1/2 cup
lotus seeds/phool makhana -1 cup
milk-2-3 cups
ghee- 2 table spoons

cardamom powder-1 tea spoon

In a mixy jar take all the dry fruit nuts,sugar and cardamom powder.Grind into fine powder and keep aside..
Heat ghee in non stick,fry raisins until puffs,keep aside..Then roast lotus seeds,remove aside.In the same pan add milk,let it boil.Then add sugar,mix it well. Now add lotus seeds,ground nuts powder,stir every thing to mix well.Cook for 5 minutes in medium flame..Once when milk turns little bit thick turn off and serve hot or cold.

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