November 3, 2016

Mutton Rezala | Mutton Gravies | Bengali Style Mutton Curry | Khashir Rezala | Rezala Gosht | How to make Mutton Rezala

Mutton Rezala
Mutton rezala is a very popular dish in Bangladesh. Mutton Rezala or Mutton Curry dish is usually served in weddings or other special occasions like Eid. With few variations,Mutton
rezala recipe is also popular Bengali dish.
The recipe is native to Kolkata and is cooked in distinct Bengali style with condiments and spices. This non-vegetarian mutton dish is made by pressure cooking meat in fresh spices,along with a rich cashew paste.If you like can also replace mutton with chicken if you like. If you have time, can marinate mutton overnight in spice powders to bring out the best flavors. Adjust water levels after cooking  for gravy  consistency.. Try this next time and serve hot with rotis. 

Mutton Curry

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1. Medium sized cut mutton with bone - 1/2 kg
2. Ghee or butter - 2 table spoon
3. Oil - 2 table spoon
4. Garam Masala : 5-6 pcs Cardamom; 2-3 Cinnamon sticks 1" size; Whole Cumin seeds - just a pinch; 6-7 pcs whole black pepper; 5-6 pcs clove; Bay leaves - 2pcs;
5. Ginger paste - 1 tablespoon
6. Garlic paste - 1 teaspoon
7. Chili powder - 2-3 teaspoon ( add to taste )
8. Turmeric powder - 1 teaspoon
9. Coriander powder - 1 tablespoon
10. Cumin powder - 1 tablespoon
11. Salt to taste
For masala paste:
1. Plain yogurt/curd - 1/4th cup
2. Cashew nuts - 1/4th cup
3. Fried Onions - 1/2 cup

1.Wash mutton 2-3 times and keep aside. Heat ghee or butter in pressure cooker.add whole garam masala ingredients, saute well,then add finely chopped onions,GGP, mutton and spice powders.Add little water,like 1/4 th cup .Cook on medium flame with lid for 40 minutes. Mean while fry chopped onions in a non stick pan with a tea spoon of oil until light brown in color.Now in mixy jar take cashews, fried onions,yogurt,blend into fine creamy paste..Add this in pressure cooked mutton,mix well.For gravy consistency If needed add little more water .Cook on low flame another 10 minutes .Serve mutton rezala warm with pulao, paratha or chapathi/roti.

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