December 2, 2016

Baked Chocolate Bread Pudding | Left Over Bread Desserts | Foolproof Bread Pudding

This is a simple bread pudding which is baked version..I have used cocoa so it is in chocolate taste with cocoa flavor..It`s fool proof recipe which does n`t many ingredients even eggs..So,vegetarians,egg allergic can prepare this easy peasy recipe with left over bread any time..
It is not a popular or hit recipe but to finsih left over white bread this will be a great option to try..It`s a perfect pudding to serve after a meal or if you are sweet tooth can try this because all the ingredients are very common which available in your kitchen cup board.
CATEGORY-Baking | Pudding | Bread Recipes | Desserts
White bread-5 slices
milk-1 cup
un sweetend cocoa-2-3 table spoons
black raisins-few
sugar-1/4 cup
butter or oil-1 tea spoon
In a bowl,take milk,add sugar,cocoa stir well.take a baking tray or oven proof safe bowl,apply butter or oil.Arrange bread pieces,pour cocoa batter and set raisins on top.Preheat oven at 200 degree C.
Place this tin after 5 minutes bake for 15 minutes and turn off.Serve warm with your favorite ice cream scoop..

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