December 1, 2016

No Bake Dark Chocolate Cheese Cake | No Bake Cheese Cake Recipes | Easy Chocolate Cheese Cake Recipe Without Baking

This is a lush chocolate cheesecake that never fails to please at dessert time. If you want to make a nice dessert but have no oven, this recipe is for you.I tried this cheesecake with light cream cheese but you can use regular cream cheese. The texture was way softer and the taste was super delicious and very rich.I used bittersweet dark chocolate in this recipe but semisweet could be used also.
You can balance the sugar level depending on chocolate which you are using.Because semi sweet chocolate is sweeter than bittersweet.Choosing a write pan is important for perfect out textured cheese cake.. Here I used mini tin with parchment paper which helps to remove cheese cake easily.Can use any digestive biscuits for crust..If you don`t have mini cheese cake pan can use single serving glasses or ramekin cups..Refrigerating over night is the best idea for best taste..Try this weekend this dessert  and share with your family..
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CATEGORY- Simple Cheese Cake Recipe | Desserts | No Baking Desserts | Chocolate Desserts
Dark Chocolate-200 grams pack
Butter-2 table spoons
Biscuits/Graham Crackers-20
Whipping cream - 200 grams
Cream cheese-100 grams
Granulated White Sugar-1/4 cup
Vanilla essence-1 tea spoon
In the cake tin adjust the parchment paper and apply 1 tbsp butter to it.
Take chocolate in a bowl,add butter..In double boiler method melt the chocolate,keep aside. using mixy jar grind biscuits in powder,add  1 tbsp butter and adjust in the tin.Press it firmly and make it even,keep this aside..Whip cream for 2 minutes, add cream cheese,sugar,vanilla and beat for 1 minute again Now add melted chocolate and stir with spatula..Now pour this in cake tin (on top of the biscuit mixture). Tap the cake tin and refrigerate over night..

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