December 1, 2016

Sweet Potato Stuffed Paratha | Shakarkandi Paratha | Paratha Recipes For Dinner | Sweet Potato Roti/Chapathi

10 days back I have posted sweet potato stir fry recipe in blog.. I told that sweet potato fry became mushy because of boiling potato pieces for long time so,for the recipe main pictures I cooked dish second time and took the pictures. So,with that mushy pottap fry actually I tried this parathas which are super spicy..Iam very poor in making stuffing parathas,my heart and hands shivers to use lots of butter to fry the parathas..That`s the reason why I prefer chapathi always for dinner.
Stuffed parathas are super filling for dinner or breakfast time but need patience to roll them perfectly.Though I`m not best in making them believe me these parathas came out very tasty with curd.If you are bored with aloo stuffing I suggest to try these parathas instead of regular variety.I prefer this for dinner but for lunch box or even for breakfast also goes very well..because of he all spice powders already these are spicy in taste so you just need thick curd or any raita to serve.. So, next time try these and enjoy heart fully..
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 For perfect paratha stuffing Iam not giving few ingredients names here which are shown in the below picture..So,with the ingredients list prepare it and use later.
For Stuffing
Sweet potatoes-3 medium size 
ginger garlic paste(GGP)-1 tsp
mustard seeds-1/2 tsp
cumin seeds-1 tsp
turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
red chilli powder-2 tsp
salt-to taste
oil-2 tbsp
cilantro(coriander leaves)-few (optional)
coriander+cumin powder-1/2 tsp+1/2 tsp
For paratha 
Wheat flour-2 cups
salt-2 pinches
oil-1 table spoon

Extra flour for rolling and oil for frying paratha
Wash and peel sweet potato and chop into bite size cubes.. Boil water and place this potato pieces.Boil for 5 minutes in low flame.Drain and keep aside.
Heat a heavy bottomed pan with oil and saute cumin mustard seeds.Add some hing powder if you like.(I used it)
Now add ginger garlic paste and fry well.Add salt,chili powder,turmeric powder and mix well.Cook for a minute in low flame.Then add boiled potatoes and mix care fully.
Then add cumin+coriander powder and saute once again. Cook it for 2 more minutes until mushy.Finally add some fresh cilantro leaves if you have.keep this aside until cools.

Now take flour,oil,salt in a mixing bowl,using water knead it into a soft dough.Rest it for 15 minutes then divide into big size balls. Roll it into small size puri size,stuff the potato mixture close the edges carefully,then using some extra white flour(maida) roll on board..Do this same thing with remain- ing dough balls and pan fry them on hot tawa with oil or butter until two sides fries well.Serve hot with curd/yogurt

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