January 17, 2017

Chicken Keema Stuffed Paratha | Stuffed Murgh Keema Paratha | Minced Chicken Recipes | Stuffed Paratha Recipes

Yesterday I posted chicken keema recipe and told that i tried few recipes with it.. So,like I said today posting the paratha recipe which is stuffed with chicken keema.If the chicken keema is ready in hands can make this parathas in minutes.So,cook keema in the morning and make parathas in the evening to save the time.
Here,I used wheat flour and oil but you can all purpose flour and ghee for frying parathas which gives a rich taste too.Always roll parathas in thick size and fry them carefully.You can make this parathas for dinner or for lunch without any gravy or curry can serve.because the filling is already loaded with spices and masalas so just with curd or raita parathas tastes great.Make this delicious parathas next time and serve hot.
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Chicken Keema Masala
Wheat flour-2 cups
Salt-2 pinches
Oil-2 table spoons
Oil-for paratha frying

Take flour,salt,oil in bowl.Mix well and using water knead into a fine dough.Rest it for 15 minutes and divide into lemon size balls.Take a dough ball,make it in puri size,place 2 table spoons of chicken keema,seal from all sides.Now using extra flour roll it into medium size paratha..Now heat tawa with oil,fry parathas both sides evenly and take it out side.Repeat the same process with remaining parathas.Serve hot with curd or raita.

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