January 8, 2017

Cream Cheese Chocolate Ice Cream with 5 Ingredients | Egg less Homemade Chocolate Cheese Ice cream | 5 Ingredient Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe | Egg less Ice Cream Recipes

Home made ice creams are easy to make yet tastes delicious because of fresh and healthy ingredients.I have posted few ice creams recipes long time back and again time came now with Chocolate ice cream.It is not only a kids favorite but also so many elders love it any time.store bought packs may contains eggs so home mades are best for egg haters or for vegetarians.Unique point of this ice cream is addition of cream cheese.
Cream cheese gives richness and cheese cake type of taste too. I use juice blender to make ice creams but this time with beater machine which gave a good creamy textured ice cream..Beating for half minute after adding every ingredient gives a soft textured ice cream..You can use either hand beater or juice blender or whisk also works out if you give  a good stir every time when you mix the ingredients.Try this healthy,tasty simple home made egg less chocolate cheese ice cream recipe and serve to your family, specially to kids..
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CATEGORY-  Desserts | Sorvetes  Sim Ovos | Egg less Ice Cream
Cream cheese-150 grams
Condensed milk-1/2 cup
Cream-200 grams
Nutty Cream or Nutella cream mix -1/2 cup
Vanilla essence -1 tea spoon
Chocolate Sauce-to serve
**Nutty cream is same like nutella cream which is popular here in my place.you can use nutella cream instead of nutty,work outs equally..

Take cream cheese in mixing bowl,beat until creamy.Add in condensed milk,mix with spatula..Add in cream, beat until mix every thing.Then add Nutty Cream or nutella cream mix finely.finally add vanilla essence and give a final stir.Shift this in air tight container box and freeze over night.Scoop out and serve chilled ice cream with chocolate sauce.

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