January 12, 2017

Dry fruits Mango Custard | Mango Custard With Dry fruits | Mango desserts | Desserts in 15 Minutes | 25 Mango Recipes

Mango is like king in fruits world..It`s my favorite fruit, luckily we get plenty of mangoes here.Also,It`s summer here so frequently finding mango fruits these days. I have tried several desserts and drinks with mango till now and the recipes links given below too..
I have already posted mango custard recipe long time back, this time came with different mango custard recipe with dry fruits mix.I used all the variety of dry fruits and nuts which makes custard quite healthy yet delicious.Check out the step wise pictures to follow and try this wonderful dessert..
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Vanilla custard powder-2 table spoons 
Milk -2 cups
Sugar-4 table spoons 
Mango pulp-1 cup
Heavy Cream/ creme de leite-100 grams (1/2 cup)
Dry fruits and nuts/chopped -1 cup 
(I used almonds,cashews,black raisins,tutti frutti,dates,pistachios,walnuts)
Take custard powder in bowl,mix with milk until is dissolves. Heat milk in vessel or non stick pan in medium flame.When milk starts boiling add custard powder and stir in well to avoid forming lumps.Add sugar and cook until the mixture thickens but don`t forget to stirring..Once the custard is ready keep aside..
Chop mango pieces,using mixy jar blend into fine puree and (pulp) keep aside..Whip the cream using beater machine for a minute.Chop all the dry fruits and nuts.Now in the cream add mango pulp,dry fruits and mix well. In the prepared custard add this mango mixture and mix every thing.Pour this in glasses,refrigerate for some time and serve chilled.

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