January 21, 2017

Green Gram Sprouts Salad | Whole Moong Beans Salad | Moong Sprouts Salad | Moong Sprouts Recipes

Sprouts are good for health which helps to weight loss actually.These days often making sprouts specially with green gram..To prepare sprouts first wash and soak the whole moong dal (green gram) over night and tie in cloth,keep in sunshade place for 2-3 days.In between sprinkle water on cloth,it helps to keep the beans wet and in germinating..By he third day you can see germinated beans which are commonly called as sprouts. 
Basically these sprouts are rich in Proteins, dietary fibres,vitamins and minerals.Alsoevry lwo in carbohydrates,sugars and fats. For good health eat minimum a cup of sprouts daily in the breakfast time.or making this types of salads is an another good idea which may doesn`t gives bore feeling to eat.I have already posted a  salad recipe and this is little bit different which includes veggies.like onion,tomato,pepper,ginger juice, lemon juice,green chilli,carrot.Totally easy to make and time saving breakfast..Start making sprouts and enjoy healthy salads!!!
CATEGORY- Salad | Diabetic Friendly | Sprouts | Vegetarian | Breakfast | Weightloss
onions-1 small
green gram sprouts-1 cup
tomato-1 small
cucumber-1 small
black pepper powder-1 tea spoon
coriander leaves -1/8 cup
lemon juice-1 table spoon


In a bowl,add in finely chopped onions, sprouts, chopped tomato,chopped cucumber and mix well.Add in pepper powder,coriander leaves and mix once.squeeze some lemon juice,gently give a stir and serve.

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