January 14, 2017

How to Make Mango Pulp | How to Prepare Mango Puree | Basics | Mango Recipes

It`s a basic recipe about how to prepare mango pulp..Its sounds silly but actually I have seen many times question like,how to make mango pulp or how to prepare mango puree?? So,thought why should n`t I post about it.It`s summer here so mango season is running on and frequently getting natural fresh mangoes in markets.I have tried few desserts last week so thought better to share this first as a basic which may helps those who don`t have an idea on it..

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Mango fruits-2 (any variety)Sharp knife
Mixy jar or juice blender (I use Indian Brand Preethi blue leaf mixer grind)

Wash the fruits twice,peel out the skin,chop into fine pieces.Take the pieces in small mixy jar and grind into fine puree.Now using sieve strain the pulp to remove out the fibre in mango..This step helps to make the perfect dessert on later..Once the pulp is seperated take it into zip lock bag and freeze it..or you can prepare any recipes of your choice.The fruits which i used are without fibre so,skipped this step.
Fibre in mango pulp disturbes repeatedly, while you eating,so straining is the good idea to follow or make sure about the fruit variety before you buying.In india alphonso and kesar mangoes are popular without fibre too..

strainer/google pic

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