January 4, 2017

Leftover Chocolate Cake Truffles | Cake Balls Using Chocolate Cake | Leftover Chocolate Cake Recipes

Few days back,baked a chocolate cake using store bought mix.But the cake was too dry and light in taste.After thinking seriously to use it,got an idea of making cake balls.I have posted cake pops recipe few years back which was a simple and kids friendly too.This recipe is little bit different from that and calls it cake truffles.These truffles are rich in taste because of adding nutty cream and dipping them in chocolate sauce.
Freezing them for 1-2 hours is the best tip to get a good shaped balls.Turning stale cake into this kind of recipes is not only a best idea,but also it`s like a treat for kids.In kids birthdays parties or in get to gethers,this truffles stands in best place definitely..Next time instead of eating boring same old cake,try this truffles and enjoy..
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CATEGORY- Kids Party Snacks | Kids Snacks recipes | Uses Of Cake Crumbles
Left over Chocolate cake crumbles-200 grams
Bitter Chocolate-50 grams
Butter-2 table spoons
Condensed milk -2 table spoons
Nutty or nutella cream-1/2 cup
Chcolate semiya-few
Crumble the cake in a mixing bowl..Now heat vessel with water,on top put a bowl with chocolate,add butter, condensed milk and mix until chocolate melts.Now to the crumbled cake add some nutty cream or nutella cream+ melted butter and mix evenly..Now,make them into round shaped balls and dip in melted chocolate.You can use ice cream sticks like I shown in below pictures.but it`s an optional only.Now dip these balls in chocolate sauce and roll them in chocolate semiya.Rest in fridge for 2 hours or until balls turn hard.Serve chilled balls with warm milk.

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