January 7, 2017

Soya Chicken Burger | Soya Chunks Chicken Burger | Burger With Soya Nuggets | Soya granules Recipes

No matter how much a mother cooks,kids tends to eat our side food.They compares our cooking with out side foods every time ands asks for 100% perfection..Specially these generation kids are crazy about junk foods like pizaa,burgers or potato fries..Maximum I avoids burger kids because  of it`s iol content and high price.Burger is my sons favorite so for them I tries different versions at home..I tries maxium, for perfect shape to look like which burger kings serves but satisfying kids is the task really.
It`s not only in our home.It`s the issue which most of the moms faces with their kids..Is n`t it??!! No matter!! how much they argue,have to eat home food for good health I feel.I have already posted few burger recipes in blog and this is the new one which was my very own creation..I added boiled soya chunks along with mince meat and some spices as per taste..These chicken patties are very tasty because of adding soya very healthy and juicy too...You can prepare the patties and can freeze for 2-3 days..When the time you want to serve, de freeze the patties before 1 hour and assemble burger later.It`s a kids friendly recipe n they loves definitely.
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How to make mince meat
Soya chunks/meal maker/soya nuggets-1 cup
boneless chicken pieces with fat -200 grams
Turmeric powder-1/4
Finely chopped cilantro leaves-1/8 cup
Black pepper powder-1/2 tea spoon
Salt-to taste
Chili sauce-1 tea spoon
Lemon juice-1 tea spoon
Oil-2-4 table spoons for patties frying
Assemble Burger:

burger buns-1 or 2
Mayonnaise2 table spoons
Sliced tomatoes
Onion rounds,lettuce leaf 

Take 1 cup of soya chunks boil them in water until soft and drain for some time.Then grind into coarse puree using mixy jar.
Prepare minced meat..Minced meat means nothing but blending boneless chicken pieces with fat in fine paste using mixy jar or machine.I make it using mixy jar.
Take ground chicken in mixing bowl.Add turmeric powder, lemon juice,finely chopped cilantro leaves,black pepper powder,salt,chili sauce,ground soya chunks puree and mix every thing..Apply oil to hands and start making burger patties.
Heat pan with oil,place this patties and start frying them on both sides in medium flame.When the patties are fried well, take them on plate..
Assemble Burger:
Now take burger bun cut into half,apply butter and fry for few seconds on pan,take it out apply some mayonnaise,place the chicken patty,sliced tomatoes,onion rounds,lettuce leaf and close with other half bun.Serve hot with ketchup.

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