January 3, 2017

Spiced Coconut Garlic Stuffed Paratha | Coconut Garlic Spicy Paratha | Kobbari Vellulli Paratha | Stuffed Paratha Recipes | paratha Recipes For Dinner | 15 Paratha Recipes

Stuffed parathas are very healthy and tummy filling which are perfect for lunch or dinner.Usually,for stuffing uses veggies like carrot,potato or paneer.But this is totally different from that kind of recipes..Here,the stuffing is quite unique with strong flavor.
The fresh coconut makes paratha healthy and garlic gives a very good flavor..So over all,combination of coconut,garlic, red chili and cumin  is amazing so try this parathas and  serve hot for lunch or dinner..
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CATEGORY- Dinner Recipes | Paratha Recipes For Lunch | Stuffed Paratha Recipes For Breakfast
For Stuffing
fresh coconut pieces-1 cup 
dry red chilli-5
garlic cloves-3 big
cumin seeds-1 tea spoon
For dough making
wheat flour-1 cup
salt-2 pinches
oil-1 tea spoon 
water as need to make dough
Ghee or Oil for paratha frying 
In pan take dry red chilli,garlic cloves,cumin seeds.Dry roast for few minutes and take it into mixy jargrind into coarse paste.Add salt to this,mix well and make them into round balls.Keep aside this..
Now take flour in bowl,add salt,oil using water make it into fine dough ball.Cover with cloth,rest it for 15 minutes.
Now divide the dough into lemon size balls,Now roll a dough ball little bit place coconut mixture,close it from all sides.Using extra flour for dusting roll it into thin size paratha..
Heat tawa or skillet add some oil,place this rolled paratha,fry both sides by applying oil or butter if you like.. Repeat the same process with the remaining dough..Once it is done serve hot with some yogurt or raita..

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