February 2, 2017

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Pasta became common dish in today`s families, in fact few kids demands for pasta..Iam not a hardcore pasta lover but my son loves it..I have been trying to do some pasta recipes for him as well as which can add in blog too.
So,here is the simple yet delicious pasta recipe which is cooked in tomato base.With home made fresh tomato puree pasta tastes simple yummy which kids loves allot.Do give a try and share how it turned out for you.
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Tomatoes ripen-3 big
onion-1 small
garlic clove-2
Tomato ketchup-2 table spoons
store bought tomato puree-1/4 cup
salt to taste
black pepper powder-1 tea spoon
oregano flakes-1 tea spoon
vegetable oil or olive oil-1-2 table spoons
store bought cream-1/8 cup
parmesan cheese or mozarella cheese-little bit
To cook Pasta
1 tea spoon of oil 
pinch of salt
Fusilli Pasta 
Put a cut in plus mark on top of the tomatoes and boil in hot water until soft.Remove out and peel skin once when it is cool,then mash into fine puree or you can grind into puree using mixy jar...
In another vessel heat water with 1 tea spoon of oil and pinch of salt.While water starts boiling add pasta ,cook until it`s done.
Now heat a non stick pan with oil,throw finely chopped onions,garlic clove,cook for a minute..Add in mashed tomato puree,tomato ketchup,store bought tomato puree mix well and cook for 3 minutes in medium flame.
Add in salt to taste,black pepper powder,oregano flakes and stir every thing..
Add in cooked pasta stir again,cook for 5 minutes by closing with lid.Finally add some cream,gently stir it and turn off.You can add parmesan cheese if you like but i added some mozarella cheese which is an optional.. Serve hot with some soft drink..

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