February 14, 2017

Mango Cheese Cake With Gelatin | How To Prepare Mango Cheese Cake | Best Mango Cheese Cake Recipe Using Gelatin

As a valentine`s day special posting a wonderful yet one of my best attempt dessert.It`s mango cheese cake with gelatin plus 3 more ingredients.. Is n`t that sounds awesome??!! Only with 6 common ingredients can create this gorgeous looking dessert with little bit patience.Ingredients are quite easy which are available in all grocery stores and the method is simple only refrigerating time is bit long but for the yummy dessert must wait...Though gelatin is available here,never thought to used it but for an experiment first time bought few sachets and tried this cheese cake with lots of care.
I mean i took it like a challenge to get a perfect shaped cheese cake.Because the gelatin which I used here is different,it forms into lumpy balls immediately if keeps it for long time.So,without doing late,need to follow the steps..Gelatin preparation is important in this types of cheese cakes recipes in fact each brand gelatin sachets are quite different.I have fresh mango puree without removing fibre(withiut straining). But it`s better to use strained pulp or store bought also goes well..Check out the full recipe and try it next time.Don`t forget to share how it came for you.
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Any digestive biscuits-20-30
Cream cheese-150 grams
Whipping cream -200 grams
Condensed milk-1/2 cup
Mango pulp-2 cups
Gelatin-12 grams (as per sachet instructions follow the steps and use in recipe)
Crumble the biscuits into fine powder.take removable plate cake tin.Pour the biscuits mixture and adjust evenly.Press it firmly and keep in fridge for 15 minutes... 
Take cream cheese in  a bowl,whip using beater machine..Then add whipping cream and beat for a minute again.Add condensed milk and mix well.Now add mango pulp mix gently.
Now in a small bowl take gelatin,add water and mix well.Now in a pan heat water and place this gelatin bowl,mix gently until gelatin dissolves.turn off the pan..immediately add half of the mixture in cream cheese mixture..
In another bowl take mango pulp,add  the remaining gelatin mixture and mix well.Now on the biscuit mixture add cream cheese mixture, tap the tin on floor to set it..Now pour the mango gelatin mixture carefully and tap it again.. Refrigerate this for over night or 2-3 hours at least..Serve chilled..

**you can refrigerate this cheese cake for 1 week maximum**

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