March 18, 2017

Guest post by Rebekah | Weight Loss Foods | Foods That Helps you To lose Weight | Add These In your Diet Plan | Fat To FIit

After a very long time writing a post about guest post from co blogger friend..I strongly fixed to continue the guest post series in Mahaslovelyhome where the co blogger friends introduce themselves along with a recipe and chit chat.
But after some un expected issues it got break so stopped it for some time.Now recently a blogger mailed me about writing guest post so heartfully accepted to share it..It is a useful yet nice post which every one should know.It is related to our health so helps to those who are in plan to weight loss.

Here's the bio of Rebekah:
 Rebekah is an active health and lifestyle blogger with plenty of experience in the world of fitness and dieting. Her juicing practices have helped her, and her readers to lose weight, gain energy, and get more from their lives.

8 Simple Herbs and Spices to Boost Your Juice
Looking for a way to add flavor to your everyday weight loss juices or healthy blends? Spices and herbs could be the perfect solution. Many vegetables and fruits have powerful abilities to heal specific illnesses and can even boost your immune system in general, but when you supplement raw vegetable and fruit juice with fresh spices and herbs you can also experience a range of additional health benefits.
Let's take a look at a few of the ways you can add herbs and spices to your juicing recipes to give your mornings more of a kick, and boost the healing power of your juice too.

1.     Ginger
Another popular addition to many juicing recipes is ginger. If you love a little zest in your recipes, or you're struggling with feelings of nausea or intestinal cramps, then you should always consider ginger as a way to bring something special to your juice. Fresh ginger is rich in wonderful active enzymes that can bring balance back to your stomach and ensure that you're feeling your best again in no time at all.

2.     Tarragon

A savory herb that's rich in vitamins and antioxidants, Tarragon can help to stabilize your blood sugar and prevent drops in sugar throughout the day. Considered to be one of the most potent antioxidants around, tarragon helps to fight free radical damage in your body and reduce your risk of cancer, chronic illness, and more!

3.     Parsley

Parsley is brimming with benefits in the form of a number of great nutrients, carotenes, and chlorophyll. The high levels of chlorophyll can help to mask the taste and odor of many other foods like garlic, which makes this fantastic herb a great addition if you're adding flavors that you'd rather not notice to your juice. Of course, parsley is good for more than just keeping your breath fresh, it has also been used to treat a host of urinary tract infections, gastrointestinal disorders, kidney stones, and more.

4.     Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the most potent spices you can add to your daily juice. If you can get your hands on fresh root, then make sure that you use that instead of the powder, as the fresh root will have more active enzymes and nutrients for you to take advantage of. Not only is turmeric a powerful anti-inflammatory substance, but it has been proven to be effective against cancer, cardiovascular disease, illnesses that speed aging and more.

5.     Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper can assist in easing an upset stomach, reducing the symptoms of sore throats and ulcers, and eliminating problems like diarrhea. This unique spice can also break up and move congested mucus too. Cayenne is an anti-allergen that aids the digestive tract by stimulation and increasing the flow of enzymes for healthy motion. Start by adding very small amounts of cayenne to your juices, as this is a very potent spice.

 6.     Cinnamon
Finally, everyone's favorite spice, and a great addition to almost any kind of juice, cinnamon has been proven by numerous studies to regulate blood sugar, making it fantastic for people who suffer from diabetes. Cinnamon can reduce your bad cholesterol levels too, and has a range of anti-infectious compounds that can be effective against ulcer-causing bacteria. Not only is it warming, comforting, and delicious, but cinnamon can help to protect you from illness too

Garlic has a range of incredible health-promoting properties to brag about, including immune-enhancing, antibiotic, anti-cancer, blood-pressure reducing factors. Fresh garlic is often far more potent and efficient than cooked or prepared garlic, and you can easily throw a little into your fresh juices, although it may take you some time to get used to the taste. 

Mint is a fantastic herb to use when juicing, because it seems to go with almost anything. You can add a splash of mint to a summery drink to give it a more refreshing taste, or simply blend it with other ingredients to bring out the flavors of fresh berries and succulent vegetables. Adding this herb to your daily juice can help you to boost the performance of your digestive system, so all of your inside mechanisms continue to run smoothly. 

Hope you all like the post..Thank you Rebekah for spending time to write a nice post..Happy weekend and happy blogging..

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